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Posted on: January 20, 2010 6:53 pm

Sportstalk Radio

Mike & Mike ..... Colin Cowherd ..... Jim Rome ...... Scott Van Pelt ........

I am the true demographic of daytime sports talk radio .... as are those like me. WE are the people who are stuck in some sort of vehicle working each and every day. WE listen as much as possible as we drive from one location to the next, interupted when we arrive at our destination and leave said vehicle while we make a delivery, a sales call or stop to see a patient. WE are the folks, who because of those interuptions, only get to hear a percentage of these shows, yet we STILL are the ones who know enough to crush a '5-Hour Energy' when our day bogs down ..... we ALWAYS click on the 'radio microphone' at the top right hand corner of the 'ProFlowers.com' and then type in either 'c-o-l-i-n' or 'r-o-m-e' to get "SPECIAL DEALS" ...... we check out 'stamps.com' to save on postage, click on 'legalzoom.com' to do self-service legal work, put Tabasco on pizza (it makes NY style newyorkier) and we understand what the phrase "maintenance for our man-suit" means. MOST of us are NEVER able to make a call to shared our take and we rarely find ourselves in a position to contribute with an email. But day after day, week after week and year after year, WE are still there ..... listening ..... telling only ourselves what we would say if only we could get on the air with Greeny, Golic, Colin, Romey or SVP.

Over the next few entries to this blog, I am going to delve more deeply into this subject, share my feelings towards each of the shows and the talent therein. Here's hoping someone out there is checking out my blog and joins in.

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