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Posted on: January 3, 2010 6:49 pm

A Word About Leach/Texas Tech

Anyone who has read more than one of my blog entries, threads, or replies knows that I am not one to try to be controversial, and that is not my intent here.
Mike Leach has his fans as well as detractors, and this was the case before the Adam James incident. I have enjoyed watching Leach's offense over the past few years and I was a fan of that experience. However, there has always been some things that didn't sit well about the coach for me. While I believe that anyone who is successful in ANY endeavor must believe in his or her self, perhaps even being a little cocky, Mike Leach has always displayed a smugness that bordered on causing nausea to those witnesssing this personality trait. I heard Leach best described by an e-mailer to The Jim Rome show last week .... Leach is like that salesman who ALWAYS produces, but is just so in love with himself that he insists on going his own way, not making any friends among his colleagues, always butting heads with management, maybe even telling a few little lies to his prospects in order to close a deal ... but he is 'put up with' because of his results. Until one day he smacks the secretary on the rump as he walks by and then loudly suggests she meet him in the breakroom if she wants 'taken care of'. That salesman is gone .... final straw, excuse to bump him, finito. That is what this situation with Leach sounds like. He has always considered himself above it all, untouchable ..... then he smacked a rump.
I have read reports today, both in the paper and online, about the treatment of Adam James by Texas Tech fans. This is deplorable. Perhaps these 'fans' should have waited for the bowl game to be over, because suddenly the trainer in question is bailing on Leach and many of his former players are talking about how 'this was just the final straw'. Sounds to me like the team was just trying to avoid distraction and now a lot more is going to come out. My gut tells me that when the whole Mike Leach story is known it will make Mike Mangino look like a saint.
Great victory Tech! Here's hoping Ruffin McNeil gets a shot at the permanent head coaching job and a vote for the guy calling the plays in gthe Alamo Bowl who I believe was RB Coach, Clay McGuire, getting a shot at offensive coordinator.
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