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Posted on: August 1, 2009 4:18 pm

Pirate fan, what could harder?

On Thursday Scott Van Pelt asked this question during his radio broadcast .....

"What could be harder than being a Pittsburgh Pirate fan?"

..... I don't know.

At the time of this writing the Pirates are currently sitting nine games under .500 and 10 1/2 games out in the NL Central. With very little imagination I can envision a scenario where we long-suffering Bucco fans would find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the playoff hunt. Simply erase last season's Jason Bay trade and cancel the two recent transactions that saw Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez depart. The Pirates' lineup might look something like this ....

Cf  Andrew McCutchen , 2b  Freddy Sanchez, Lf  Jason Bay, C  Ryan Doumit , 1b  Garret Jones, Rf  Delwyn Young /Lastings Milledge, 3b  Andy LaRoche , Ss  Jack Wilson

Granted, this may not be the lineup that would make most fan's heart skip a beat, but bear with me please. Jason Bay's presence, I have to believe, would have added a minimum of five wins, probably more. This conservative estimate would put the Pirates four games under and eight games out of first (assuming extra wins against St. Louis and Chicago). With Doumit back from injury and beginning to heat up, the Bucs might be sitting in the middle of a three team battle for first by the end of August, and, better yet, playing over .500 baseball for the first time in seventeen years. With a newly revamped rotation of a resurgent Zach Duke , steady Paul Maholm and Ross Ohlendorf and promising young starters Charlie Morton and Kevin Hart , this scenario is not only possible, it's probable. And even though it would take Morton out the picture, WHO THE HECK BELIEVES THAT IT WAS ENTIRELY NECESSARY TO TRADE NATE MCCLOUTH TO CALL UP MCCUTCHEN?!?!?! Bay, McClouth and McCutchen in the same outfield? Wow ......

But this is the real world and what's done is done. I'll take a deep breath, TRY to be patient once again and wait to see if the current front office actually has a plan that will work. After all, they get paid the big bucks to make these calls and perhaps most of these prospects will pan out ...... but this IS TOUGH.

Finally ..... later the same day while listening to 'The Jim Rome Show' I had to hear what a shame it is that the Cleveland Indians dismantled their team. My simple response?

"Dear Cleveland, Give me a call once The Tribe goes into 'rebuilding mode' for the seventeenth straight season ..... THEN we'll have something to talk about. Sincerely, PSU1985 c/o CBSsportsline"


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