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Posted on: January 22, 2010 5:50 pm

AFC/NFC Championship Games: Picks & Analysis

I'm going to get back to the subject of 'Sports Talk Radio' soon, but in the mean time, here are my picks with analysis for the upcoming conference championship games ....

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts
This is one those games that makes me glad to be alive. Peyton Manning , one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) quarterbacks of all time, in a position to take his legacy to the next level should he become a multiple-time Super Bowl champ versus one of the real 'feel good' stories in recent memory in the Jets. The classy Colts, still exemplifying all that was instilled in this organization during Tony Dungy's tenure versus the brass young Jets with Buddy's boy Rex leading the way with his chin out .... 'go ahead, take your best shot!' The veteran presence in Indy versus the rookie quarterback who seems to be learning to stay within himself and the rookie running back  who brings fresh legs and determination to the attack after defenses get worn out defending Thomas Jones . This should be an enjoyable watch.
The Jets need to play THEIR game to perfection to have a chance in this one. All due respect, I LOVE what they have done this season! Rex Ryan is a breath of fresh air, considering most coaches are either hardcore or dance around the issues. Mark Sanchez is being used perfectly, safe passes, don't lose the game, take care of the ball .... just like the Ravens used Trent Dilfer during their Super Bowl run. The one-two punch of Jones and Shonn Greene has proven very effective. And that defense ..... if they improve next year as much as they did this year, they will become the next great defense in the NFL and could lead this team on a many year run of playoff appearances and perhaps a championship or two. And they COULD just win this game .......
But ..... Peyton Manning is a true master. He was leading the Colts to yet another victory in week 16 before he was pulled out of the game. Truthfully, with the likes of Reggie Wayne , Dallas Clark , Joseph Addai and the young players Peyton uses to their maximum capabilities, I believe Indy will put up many points despite NY's efforts. And the Colts defense is being overlooked and are coming into this game with a chip on their shoulders.
I see the Colts going up early with New York hanging about two scores behind to the mid third quarter point. At that point I see Indy pulling away and putting this one out of reach with about 5 minutes left in the game. Honestly, I love the idea of Peyton v. Brett in the Super Bowl, but I REALLY do like this Jets team, so I have no bias here. Final score .....
Colts 30 Jets 16

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints
I am in the minority as for my pregame analysis of this game. While it's no 'slamdunk', I don't see this one being close. Unless the Vike's defense fails to show up, they will be the big difference here.
New Orleans has a great team, but after watching them pull rabbits out of hats all season long, I don't have a lot of faith in their chances of winning it all. 'Any given Sunday' is a cliche because it's true, so Drew Brees could play out of his mind, Reggie Bush could match last week with a return touchdown and take a swing pass or sweep to the house and the receiving corps of Colsten, Meachem & Henderson could all catch long bombs, but the defense is really not that good, so to win they better find at least 6 touchdowns somewhere. True, the defense has made some spectacular plays at times, but have shown absolutely no consistency.
The Vikings seem to be the loosest team left in this tourney. I see Brett Favre hitting a lot of safe-type passes early to lull the Saints d to sleep, then hit a couple of long one's. I also see Adrian Peterson taking advantage of this strategy to score at least two long touchdowns. The defense played lights out last week against a supposedly 'hot' Cowboys team, and I don't see that changing. Led by mulletman, Jared Allen , this group flies around and makes ALL the plays. They may have a couple of breakdowns in the secondary, but it won't be enough for the Saints to win.
The Saints will break off something big the first time they get the ball and will score, Minnesota will methodically drive the ball down the field with short passes and AP runs to score on their first drive as well. After that, the Vike's defense steps up and Brett starts putting it down the field. This could be a foregone conclusion early in the second half. Final score .......
Vikings 48 Saints 27

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